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Hello Steve & Jodi,

Where did you come up with your business name?

We wanted a name that was a little different, but still indicated music.  Jazz great, David Sanborn had a music and interview show many years ago called “Night Music”, and we thought that sounded pretty good.

What are your busiest times or months of the year?

We provide DJ and MC services for a huge variety of special events, but, our focus has always been on amazing weddings and receptions.  The busiest months for weddings seem to be June through October.

I have been the harpist at weddings where you are the DJ.  I’ve attended some of the same professional wedding vendors exchanges & meetings.  You are both so upbeat and fun to know!

Thanks Miriam!  We truly like what we do, and love getting to know people.  Everyone on our staff is optimistic and fun loving.

How soon do you recommend contacting Night Music DJ for a wedding?

It seems that everyone is on a unique planning timeline for their wedding, which is fine with us.  We suggest to people that they make their vendor decisions as soon as they are comfortable making their decisions!  That sounds a little simple, but it’s true.  We have people call and email who are planning for weddings a year and a half away, and sometimes we get inquiries for events in a few months.  Most of our wedding couple contract with us between 6 and 12 months in advance.

What do couples mistakenly think is of importance in choosing a DJ?

That’s a hard question, because we take any and all concerns and questions from our potential clients very seriously.  If they are worried about something, we’ll do our best to calm their fears!

What would you say are 3 important points in being a great DJ?

1)    Understanding music in general, and knowing enough to play the perfect song at the perfect time.

2)    Respecting and understanding our clients’ musical tastes and preferences.

3)     Having a great and professional personality to reflect well on you and your party, while interacting with your guests and other vendors

How often do you meet with a couple?

We believe in truly getting to know our wedding couples, so we know great (and flexible) communication is key.  Because many of our couples are out-of-state, or out-of-town, or simply incredibly busy, we don’t set a standard for a specific number of meetings.  But, we are available as often as our clients need via phone, email or right in our cozy and comfortable office.   We always say no secrets from the DJ, so, we want to know everything!  There is never a limit to communication or meetings.  We do schedule a final confirmation with every couple via phone, Skype, or in person 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding date to confirm everything.

What advice would you give to a couple about their music at the reception?

Think about music that you like, and don’t like, and share that information with your DJ.  However, don’t stress over any of it, including the first dance choice.  If there are a few songs you like for your first dance, choose the one that either means the most, or puts the biggest smile on your faces.  The others can also get played as part of your celebration.

Also, we suggest a variety of music (with your preferences, of course) to touch on the variety of guests!   Some clients give us long lists of favorites, and we love that.  Other clients give us one or two song ideas, and tell us to make it fun!  We love that, too.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

We absolutely love bringing people together for a fantastic celebration; elegant and a little hip for the cocktails and dinner, perfectly timed announcements coordinated with the couple and the other vendors, and then a full dance floor right from the start to kick off a great dance party!  At the end of the night, when the guests say they’ve had the best time, or we get a hug from the newlyweds … we love all of that!

How can couples or businesses contact you?

We try to make it easy for couples to check us out and request information:

Night Music DJ Professionals

Reviews: Click here for Online reviews


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Well Steve & Jodi, thanks for your time and helpful information.
Here’s to a great wedding season!

Thanks Miriam – you’re the BEST!!!

Schedule a music meeting with Miriam to choose your CEREMONY music!

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