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  The two top wedding sites are, Drum roll and Harp glissando, please! ROoooooooooooooooll and  /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ ! ! !   WEDDING WIRE and THE KNOT These two sites, Wedding Wire and The Knot are both well known to brides.  They hold the top two spots in the wedding industry for good reason. They must be doing something […]

Night Music DJ – Best of Columbus DJ Services

Join me in an interview with Steve &  Jodi                                                  Ransom of Night Music, best of Columbus DJs…         Hello Steve & Jodi, Where did you come up with your business name? We wanted a name that was a little different, but still indicated music.  Jazz great, David Sanborn had a music and interview show many years ago called […]

Wedding Music Chosen by Real Columbus Brides!

Are you struggling over wedding music for your upcoming wedding?  Listen in as I share with you, wedding music chosen by real Columbus Brides! The impact of your ceremony music is huge.  As your guests arrive, the music heard is their first introduction to your special day and to you as a couple. Follow me through […]

Brides! How to Choose a Processional

  Brides!  Listen!  What music will be playing as you walk down the aisle?  Of all the ceremony music, this is the most important music decision you will make.  In the paragraphs below, I will give you some helpful ideas for how to choose a processional! Imagine…  It’s the Day of the Wedding.  The Officiator, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower […]

Wedding Expenses – For Richer… or Poorer?

Saving money for your wedding this year?  Don’t spend more than you can afford!  Wedding expenses can eat you out of house and home … Even before you get started! Try to imagine after the wedding, what items/happenings you could have done without, and what you wish you had purchased.  Pictures are a precious things to have for the […]

Party Planners Plus – Best Columbus Wedding Planners

Miriam:  Hi Nora!  I am interviewing businesses adding a special touch to Columbus weddings!  Your business, “Party Planners Plus” represents the Best of Columbus wedding planners!  Share with us how you help your clients? Nora:  Helping my clients have the best event possible is important to me.  I think this can be answered with one of our many reviews […]

How Inviting-Best Columbus Invitations

Miriam:  Hi Cassie!  I am interviewing businesses adding a special touch to Columbus weddings!  Your business, “How Inviting” represents the Best Columbus invitations!  Share with us how you help your clients? Cassie: Yes, Miriam! I help my clients add a personal and special touch to their wedding.  I help them to create wedding invitations and stationery that fit the […]

Lavish Wedding? Think Twice!

Columbus Brides!  Are you planning a lavish wedding?  Think twice!  Those costly, lavish weddings may cost you your marriage!  Read on! How much money are you thinking to spend on your special day?  Read my last blog, and you’ll hear about Sunea & Seth and how they budgeted as a couple for their wedding day and avoided a lavish […]

Wedding Planning Tips From a Columbus Bride

Would you like helpful wedding planning tips from a local Columbus bride?  An interview with a real bride is about to take place.   Listen up and gather some helpful wedding planning tips for your own wedding! Miriam:  Hello Sunea! Bride:  Hello Miriam! Miriam:  I had the pleasure of playing my harp music for you and Seth.  I played […]