The two top wedding sites are, Drum roll and Harp glissando, please!

ROoooooooooooooooll and  /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ ! ! !



These two sites, Wedding Wire and The Knot are both well known to brides.  They hold the top two spots in the wedding industry for good reason. They must be doing something right!  Actually they are doing many things right.  They each bring in record numbers of web traffic.  As a bride planning for a wedding, you will like the various offerings of each of these sites.

Wedding Wire

For instance, visit Wedding Wire and see how easy it is to find local wedding venues, cakes, dresses, invitations, dj’s, ceremony music and more!  It is stress free and fun.  Couples can search, contact favorite vendors and keep them and all the information organized.  Plus, there is an “Organize Your Budget” page where you can track your spending and even schedule payments.  You can take notes on anything from your engagement party to setting up a budget to choosing your wedding date and to creating your Guest List and even seating plans on the big day!  Some brides say they have used Wedding Wire for just about everything for their wedding!

The Knot

The Knot, likewise has everything a bride or couple would need to plan a wedding.  A nice feature is that in the correspondence with various vendors, through The Knot email, the couple has a nice small picture taken of themselves, along with details of wedding venue, date and time if currently known.  Checklists, budgeting tips and a 12 month calendar is helpful and gives timely tips on what needs to be done and when!  There is lots of essential advice that brides need to know and is shared on The Knot.

All in all, a couple will fare well connecting with either one of these fine wedding sites !  And you could fare double well going on both sites!

Both of these sites give out Awards once a year to 4 or 5 % of vendors, for being the Best in their category as reviewed by a substantial number of Brides, Grooms or Mothers throughout the year.  The awards are:

The Wedding Wire “Couples Choice Awards 2022” and “Best of the Knot 2022”.
As you can see in my signature below, I am excited to have both awards for this Calendar Year 2022.
I have many brides and couples to thank for inviting me to play my harp for their wedding and for writing wonderful reviews for me on these two great top wedding sites!

Thanks for Listening
Miriam Weber Brown, Harpist

Cartoon Dj Girl Playing Music Black White Outline ClipartJoin me in an interview with Steve &  Jodi                                                  Ransom of Night Music, best of Columbus DJs…        

Hello Steve & Jodi,

Where did you come up with your business name?

We wanted a name that was a little different, but still indicated music.  Jazz great, David Sanborn had a music and interview show many years ago called “Night Music”, and we thought that sounded pretty good.

What are your busiest times or months of the year?

We provide DJ and MC services for a huge variety of special events, but, our focus has always been on amazing weddings and receptions.  The busiest months for weddings seem to be June through October.

I have been the harpist at weddings where you are the DJ.  I’ve attended some of the same professional wedding vendors exchanges & meetings.  You are both so upbeat and fun to know!

Thanks Miriam!  We truly like what we do, and love getting to know people.  Everyone on our staff is optimistic and fun loving.

How soon do you recommend contacting Night Music DJ for a wedding?

It seems that everyone is on a unique planning timeline for their wedding, which is fine with us.  We suggest to people that they make their vendor decisions as soon as they are comfortable making their decisions!  That sounds a little simple, but it’s true.  We have people call and email who are planning for weddings a year and a half away, and sometimes we get inquiries for events in a few months.  Most of our wedding couple contract with us between 6 and 12 months in advance.

What do couples mistakenly think is of importance in choosing a DJ?

That’s a hard question, because we take any and all concerns and questions from our potential clients very seriously.  If they are worried about something, we’ll do our best to calm their fears!

What would you say are 3 important points in being a great DJ?

1)    Understanding music in general, and knowing enough to play the perfect song at the perfect time.

2)    Respecting and understanding our clients’ musical tastes and preferences.

3)     Having a great and professional personality to reflect well on you and your party, while interacting with your guests and other vendors

How often do you meet with a couple?

We believe in truly getting to know our wedding couples, so we know great (and flexible) communication is key.  Because many of our couples are out-of-state, or out-of-town, or simply incredibly busy, we don’t set a standard for a specific number of meetings.  But, we are available as often as our clients need via phone, email or right in our cozy and comfortable office.   We always say no secrets from the DJ, so, we want to know everything!  There is never a limit to communication or meetings.  We do schedule a final confirmation with every couple via phone, Skype, or in person 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding date to confirm everything.

What advice would you give to a couple about their music at the reception?

Think about music that you like, and don’t like, and share that information with your DJ.  However, don’t stress over any of it, including the first dance choice.  If there are a few songs you like for your first dance, choose the one that either means the most, or puts the biggest smile on your faces.  The others can also get played as part of your celebration.

Also, we suggest a variety of music (with your preferences, of course) to touch on the variety of guests!   Some clients give us long lists of favorites, and we love that.  Other clients give us one or two song ideas, and tell us to make it fun!  We love that, too.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

We absolutely love bringing people together for a fantastic celebration; elegant and a little hip for the cocktails and dinner, perfectly timed announcements coordinated with the couple and the other vendors, and then a full dance floor right from the start to kick off a great dance party!  At the end of the night, when the guests say they’ve had the best time, or we get a hug from the newlyweds … we love all of that!

How can couples or businesses contact you?

We try to make it easy for couples to check us out and request information:

Night Music DJ Professionals

Reviews: Click here for Online reviews


Check out our unique Photo Booth!

Well Steve & Jodi, thanks for your time and helpful information.
Here’s to a great wedding season!

Thanks Miriam – you’re the BEST!!!

Schedule a music meeting with Miriam to choose your CEREMONY music!

NewImageStudio2Are you struggling over wedding music for your upcoming wedding?  Listen in as I share with you, wedding music chosen by real Columbus Brides!

The impact of your ceremony music is huge.  As your guests arrive, the music heard is their first introduction to your special day and to you as a couple.

Follow me through the various parts of a ceremony.  Check out the styles and selections of wedding music chosen by my 2016 Columbus couples during their music consultations.

The PRELUDE is a half hour of music played as guests arrive.  Here is a rundown of styles chosen for Preludes

Classical – 20 couples
Pop – 5 couples
Mix of both – 10 couples

If there is to be a special SEATING OF THE MOTHERS, it is nice to pick music the Mothers will like!  These pieces were chosen by 2016 brides.

Ave Maria – 10
The Prayer – 4
Hymne – 5
Sunrise, Sunset – 1
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – 2

The WEDDING PARTY PROCESSIONAL is next!  It seems as though brides chose either more march-like music or a traditional processional:

Trumpet Voluntary – Top pick with 10
King William’s March – 2
Canon in D – 6  (still an all-time favorite)
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – 4
Come Ye Sons of Art – 2
Beauty and the Beast – 1 (Cinderella theme)

Finally …  The BRIDE’S PROCESSIONAL ! ! !  Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Bride’s entrance.  The Bride’s music is the one I typically begin with during the music consultation.  Here are actual Columbus Brides’ selections in 2016:

Canon in D – 4
Can’t Help Falling in Love – 2
Chaconne – 2
Hallelujah – 1
Hebrew Folk Song – 4
Holding Hands Tightly – 1
Trumpet Voluntary – 2
Bridal March – The winner with 10 picks!

The next opportunity for music might be the Unity Candle, Pouring of Sands, Blessing of the Box (to be opened in 5 years!) or Presenting of Flowers.  This selection needs to be a softer, background sound to accompany what is happening.  The selections below go “all over the board”!  Take a look:

A Thousand Years
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Die a Happy Man
Give Me your Hand (Irish)
River Flows in You

The last wedding music chosen for your ceremony would be the RECESSIONAL.  This follows the vows, rings, pronouncement, kiss and the Bride taking back her bouquet from the Maid of Honor.  Notice the untraditional pop selections here.  They can add a surprise punch at the end of a traditional ceremony!  Here are popular 2016 picks:

Wedding March
Allegro Maestoso from Water Music
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
All You Need is Love
Here Comes the Sun
I’m Yours
At Last

Schedule a music meeting with Miriam to choose YOUR Processional!


Brides!  Listen!  What music will be playing as you walk down the aisle?  Of all the ceremony music, this is the most important music decision you will make.  In the paragraphs below, I will give you some helpful ideas for how to choose a processional!

Imagine…  It’s the Day of the Wedding.  The Officiator, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer have all processed in and are now up front.  Everyone is excited, smiling, and a bit nervous, including the Mothers, Dads, and close family.  Your invited friends and all your guests are present to help celebrate this special day.  Now everyone waits for the entrance of the Bride.  The Groom waits with bated breath for the first glimpse his carefully chosen life partner and beautiful bride!   The door opens; the guests rise as the Bride enters.  The music heralds the Brides and accompanies her walk to the front of the ceremony.  What will YOUR music sound like and how will YOU choose your processional?

As you excitedly OR with trepidation, plan your wedding ceremony music, you literally have 100’s upon 100’s of selections from which to choose!  And not only selections but STYLES of music to sort out.  It can be mind boggling.  Will it be Classical?  Pop?  Country?  A song special just to the two of you?  This will be the music playing as you walk down the aisle!

How in the world can anyone choose one perfect selection?  First, the music should reflect who you are.  Are you an upbeat, unafraid, self assured, outgoing sort of girl?  Are you introspective, thoughtful, and quiet?  Give thought to the type of person you are.  This can help narrow down what music you might consider.  One bride might like walking in to a rather loud, majestic, formal tune, while another bride might prefer a more subdued music selection.  Another important consideration is thinking through the music of the total evening; ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, as to what types of music you want played at each part of the celebration.

If you and your fiancé are choosing a traditional theme for your wedding, you might like the typical, traditional Bridal March by Wagner.  But if you love the elegance of classical music, you can’t go wrong with the Baroque style music of Handel.  Much of Handel’s music was written for royalty entering an important occasion.  His music will add an awesome sound to your ceremony.  The music of Jeremiah Clarke and Henry Purcell are also great picks.

Will your wedding theme be more casual and contemporary?  You might choose a popular piece that is special to you as a couple.  I’m playing a country pop for the Bride’s processional in an upcoming wedding:  In Case You Didn’t Know.  Interestingly and a very contrasting music idea:  the Wedding party is walking in to the beautiful Canon in D.  The processional music is really a 2-part decision:  music for the wedding party and then music for the all important entrance of the bride.

Well … it all comes down to what you like.  What fits your musical interest?  What blends with your personality?  What music will you feel most comfortable with?

My next blog will uncover the Processionals chosen by my brides in the past year.  How many chose classical Processionals?  How many chose popular?  Stay tuned!  Come back and visit!

Schedule a music meeting with Miriam to choose YOUR Processional!

Saving money for your wedding this year?  Don’t spend more than you can afford!  Wedding expenses can eat you out of house and home … Even before you get started!
Try to imagine after the wedding, what items/happenings you could have done without, and what you wish you had purchased.  Pictures are a precious things to have for the memories and reviewing that special day, what happened, who was there, what everyone wore, the handsome guys, the so special maids, the beautiful bride, etc….   Can you get along without the video?  Maybe not!  How about having no flowers (!) or just a cake & punch?  Everyone places a different importance to each one of these parts of the wedding.  The more you think it through, the more in a tizzy you will be!

So, just sit back, relax, have a cool lemonade if it’s warm or a hot chocolate if it’s cold, and take a look at an article that will give you some perspective on this important topic of wedding expenses!  Ric Edelman is an award-winning advisor with three decades of experience, a humorous delivery, and great goals & strategies for you.

Check out 7 ways you can reduce the cost and still enjoy a wonderful wedding at Ric Edelman’s link:

Tips to Reduce Wedding Costs#.UdztQozD8eE

Ric Edelman

Don’t underestimate the power and effect that music has upon your guests and for your ceremony!     Harp Music for Your Wedding


Miriam:  Hi Nora!  I am interviewing businesses adding a special touch to Columbus weddings!  Your business, “Party Planners Plus” represents the Best of Columbus wedding planners!  Share with us how you help your clients?

Nora:  Helping my clients have the best event possible is important to me.  I think this can be answered with one of our many reviews (that make me cry with knowing I helped make their day a success)

Start the Journey

Start the Journey

Kym wrote:  “I hired Nora with Party Planners Plus to be my “day of” coordinator.  This was my and my fiancé’s second marriage.  We had the added responsibility of 4 children between us and I was feeling overwhelmed about making sure everything about the day would go smoothly and as planned.

Hiring Nora was absolutely wonderful.  Upon our first meeting, she put me at ease immediately!  I wasn’t sure how much assistance I needed from her.   After listening to my concerns, she was the one to suggest “day of” coordinator…which as it turned out, involved so much more that I expected.  I found a list just for brides and grooms she sent me extremely helpful.  Nora was always available by phone and email.   She accompanied me to the final venue meeting, the rehearsal, called and coordinated all of the vendors.  She even allowed me to drop off centerpieces, etc. that she then set up exactly the way I wanted!  Nora was well prepared with a sewing kit as well as an arsenal of other “fix it” gear!  Any “glitches” that occurred (like missing buttons on the men’s shirts) were no big deal.

The timeline she put together was perfect.  She put everyone at ease.   On the wedding day I truly felt like all I had to do was show up, which was such a gift!  The biggest testimony to how valuable she was to us was when at the end of the evening my new husband said to her… “When Kim told me that she was hiring a wedding planner, I thought it was totally unnecessary- and now, after the fact, I don’t know how we could have done it without you!”  All 6 of us, as well as our guests, have Nora to thank for the stress-free evening that marked the beginning of our new lives together!

Miriam:  How early should a couple contact you at Party Planners Plus?

Nora:  Miriam it depends really on what the couple is wanting.  For our Full Planning Package, 12 to 18 months is good.  Also we can start as soon as the couple is engaged and begins their planning.

Miriam:  What are 3 important things a wedding planner does for a bride? 

Nora:  Our Brides/Couples are always told from the first free consultation that we can take most of the stress away, but we can’t take it all.  Having that little bit of nervous exciting stress (I call it) in the last week of planning keeps the excitement alive even as they make the trip down the aisle.  Giving guidance is a second important point that happens during the planning process.  This is always appreciated by our couples.  Most over-think their details and we are there to keep them grounded in their budget.  We explore budget options with them and help them choose what is important.  Then we share in the excitement they get when those decisions free up funds for the extras they want.  A third point is having someone present the Day Of is priceless to Brides/Grooms and their families.

Miriam:  Do you offer various planning packages?

Nora:  Party Planners Plus offers several packages.  Three of our most popular is our Partial Planning Package, Day of Coordination Package and our Simple Day of Coordination Package.  We also design an exclusive package for couples.  We offer all of our couples a payment plan that helps them secure us for their event and not feel overwhelmed.

Miriam:  How many meetings do you have with a bride/couple?

Nora:  We offer unlimited email, phone and text for couples.  In person, that depends on their choice of package.  Generally we meet several to two or three times.

Miriam:  What calamities would you say couples avoid by using a wedding planner?       

Nora:  Having done well over 100 + weddings I can answer this truthfully…. Using a wedding planner helps to fend off arguments and disagreements with family and bridal parties.  It happens though, and really just having an outside shoulder to lean and cry on helps keep everyone happy.

Miriam:  Thank you Nora, for your time and helpful information!  How can brides looking for the best Columbus wedding planner get in touch with you for your expert help?

Nora:  Couples can email, text or call us.  They can fill out a contact form from my websites below and that works great!

Nora working with a Bride

Nora posing with one of her Brides

Nora McCoy
Wedding/Event Planner
Wedding Officiant
Party Planners Plus


Proud Winner of the 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016 Wedding Wire Awards
Proud Winner of “The 2014 & 2016 & 2017 Best of The Knot Award”
Creator of the Annual Bride’s Seminar


Harp Music for Your Wedding


howinviting1Miriam:  Hi Cassie!  I am interviewing businesses adding a special touch to Columbus weddings!  Your business, “How Inviting” represents the Best Columbus invitations!  Share with us how you help your clients?
Cassie: Yes, Miriam! I help my clients add a personal and special touch to their wedding.  I help them to create wedding invitations and stationery that fit the theme and style of their special day.

Miriam:  I have seen your work at Bridal Shows!  I just love your attention to detail and beautiful, artistic work!  How and when did you get into this line of work?
Cassie: I have always loved to be artistic and creative. I guess the idea first came to me when I was planning my own wedding over 10 years ago.  Back then, it never dawned on me to make the invitations for our wedding.  After I received our invitation order I remember thinking, “Well, these are really nice, but I could have probably made them myself!”  So, with the encouragement of my husband I began researching trends and making some samples.  I started by creating invitations and stationery for close friends and co-workers while still working fulltime.  I received many compliments and positive feedback on my designs.  When I gave birth to our daughter in 2008 we decided that I would stay home and make designing and creating invitations my full-time job.  I incorporated in November of 2008 and named the business How Inviting!

Miriam:  How creative!  I love that name!  What is one of the most important things about style?
Cassie: Besides giving guests all of the pertinent information about the event or events, couples will want to be sure that their invitations set the tone for their wedding.  Invitations should cue guests to the level or formality that they can expect.  Invitations for a traditional black tie or semi-formal wedding would look very different from a backyard wedding followed by a family BBQ.

Miriam:  Would a year ahead of the wedding date be a good time to think about invitations?
Cassie: I typically meet with couples anywhere from a year to a few months before the wedding.  Wedding invitations will need to be sent out approximately two months prior to the wedding.  It is typically best to meet with your stationer no later than 4-6 months before the wedding.  This gives adequate time to finalize details, create samples, order supplies and account for any changes or issues. Once a couple has secured a venue and a ceremony start time, I encourage them to start thinking about invitations.

Miriam:  Can an invitation represent a couple?
Cassie: Absolutely- and they definitely should!  I can incorporate many touches into the invitation that represents the couple.  Popular choices are a monogram or graphic used to “brand” the wedding.  This can be used throughout the invitation and coordinating stationery.

Miriam:  Do you help them custom design an invitation or do they let you have full reign?! Cassie: Both! If a couple comes to me with an idea or examples I can work with them to bring their ideas to life.  On the flip side, if they have no idea what they are looking for, I show samples and then we customize to create a look unique to the couple and their special event.  Either way, I work with the couple every step of the way.  I ensure that their ideas are being incorporated and the invitations fully represent the couple and their wedding. 

Miriam: How many invitations should I have made?
Cassie: As a rule, you should order one invitation per household or couple.  The exception to this rule is for a household that includes adult or near adult children who you may choose to allow to bring a date.  Individual adult roommates living in one household should also receive their own invitation.  

Miriam: What if a couple chooses not to invite children?
Cassie: This can be a bit of a touchy topic, but there are a few subtle ways to approach this.  A couple can indicate on the invitation stationery that they prefer children not attend the wedding and/or reception.  On the invitation itself we can use wording such as “Adult Reception to follow.”  Likewise on the RSVP we can include verbiage such as “Number of Adults Attending” or “We have reserved ___ seats in your honor” to convey the message.  The inner envelope is also a good place for the couple to specify exactly who the invitation is intended for. 

Miriam: Can I choose from a variety of colors to match my wedding colors?
Cassie: As I mentioned previously, the invitations should definitely fit the theme and style of the wedding and that includes colors!  If you are using specific colors for your wedding décor, flowers and dresses a popular choice is to also include those colors (or at least a few of them) in the invitation suite.  If you have color ideas, it is a good idea to bring color swatches or photos to your invitation consultation so that your stationery can match as closely as possible to your colors. 

Miriam:  How can brides looking for the best Columbus invitations get in touch with you for your beautiful  invitations and expert help?
Cassie: I can be reached by
Phone: (614) 664-7880
“Contact” tab on my website:


bag_of_moneyColumbus Brides!  Are you planning a lavish wedding?  Think twice!  Those costly, lavish weddings may cost you your marriage!  Read on!

How much money are you thinking to spend on your special day?  Read my last blog, and you’ll hear about Sunea & Seth and how they budgeted as a couple for their wedding day and avoided a lavish wedding.

Below are 5 out of the 20 most expensive celebrity weddings on, with Justine & Jessica at the top of the heap, spending just under 5 million for their wedding celebration:

  1. Justine Timberlake & Jessica Biel
  2. Beyonce’ & Jay Z
  3. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian
  4. George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin
  5. Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

Before YOU spend lavishly on YOUR wedding, give it a lot of thought.  A study was conducted of more than 3,000 U.S. adults, based on their wedding budgets and marriage track records.  The authors found that women whose weddings had cost more than $20,000 were 3.5 times more likely to end up divorced, than women who spent $500 to $10,000.  It also showed men who spent $2000 to $4000 on engagement rings were 1.3 times more likely to end up divorced than men who spent $500 to $2000 on rings.  This does not prove that expensive weddings cause divorce.  But it may point to the fact that if the focus is on the ring & reception, there might be a problem with the relationship.  Come to your own conclusions!

The average U. S. wedding last year cost almost $30,000.  One in 10 weddings cost between $50,000 and $100,000 according to a survey by The Knot.  This is an 11% increase since 2010.  Meanwhile hourly wages have risen only 2% according to the Labor Dept.  Planning a lavish wedding?  Think twice about it if you want a successful marriage.  Make sure you are working on your relationship first, not the ring & reception!  Think twice about having a lavish wedding!

To read more hints on managing money before & after marriage, go to Edelman Financial Services and sign up for an engaging, educational newsletter by Ric Edelman!  I get the newsletter and learn lots from reading it!  3 times ranked the #1 independent advisor in the nation by Barron’s.

Miriam Weber Brown




Would you like helpful wedding planning tips from a local Columbus bride?  An interview with a real bride is about to take place.   Listen up and gather some helpful wedding planning tips for your own wedding!

Miriam:  Hello Sunea!
Bride:  Hello Miriam!
Miriam:  I had the pleasure of playing my harp music for you and Seth.  I played for the ceremony as well as the cocktail hour.  Your wedding was on a sunny day in May at Dock 580.  Your colors were a fresh mint green and coral.  So now, how long have you been married?
Bride:  We’ve been married about 4 months
Miriam:  Are you happy with how the wedding planning went?
Bride:  Yes!  We started planning & researching 1 ½ years ahead.
Miriam:   You really plan ahead!  What would you do differently if you had to start over? Bride:  NOTHING!  We were pleased with how everything went.
Miriam:  Did you write up a budget?
Bride:  Yes.  We wrote one up together.  We figured in the venue and caterer to take up the largest chunk of the budget.  Then we added in the other necessities, giving & taking here and there money-wise.  We also figured in moneys from our families helping out. Miriam:  How did you go about choosing all of your wedding help?
Bride:  I did a lot of research on line.  I went to wedding websites such as The Knot and looked at reviews.  Money was not the most important issue, although we looked for cost-effective businesses and tried to stay within our budget.
Miriam:  What did you look for in a venue?
Bride:  We looked for a lot of natural décor… one where little added decoration was needed to spruce up the place.  We liked the parking accommodations at Dock 580.  The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff was important to us.
Miriam:  How did you choose your DJ?  There are so many out there!
Bride:  She was our best friend from High School!  So, I knew what I was getting. Miriam:  Choosing a cake person has to be one of the more fun things to do.
Bride:  Yes!  We read good reviews on Linda Cole.  I asked 2 friends at work to recommend someone.  Both, independent of each other recommended Linda.  Her prices are not outrageous.  Her cakes were delicious and artistic.  She made the “top of the cake” separate, to be eaten on our first anniversary.
Miriam:  Can you share wedding planning tips about your flowers?
Bride:  I didn’t purchase or need a lot.  I chose Petals & Leaves close to me in Grandview.  They followed my colors & theme closely.
Miriam:  One of the most exciting things to shop for has to be a wedding dress!  Tell us about your experience.
Bride:  It was exciting!  I went to Elegant Bride in Dublin.  I picked out 5 dresses to try on.  When I got to the 2nd one, that was it and I never tried on the rest!
Miriam:  Did you bring anyone along on your dress shopping trip? Bride:  I brought my mom, sister, and Maid of Honor.
Miriam:  How did you decide on your ceremony music?
Bride:  We knew we wanted instrumental music of some sort.  Again, we went on line, read lots of reviews and found your harp music to have high marks.  Then we visited your website.  We have heard many remarks on how well your music added to the evening.  We are still getting compliments!  People absolutely loved hearing the harp playing pop music at the cocktail hour.  The sound carried well.  (Stairway to Heaven, Beatles, Kiss from a Rose, I’m So Excited, Your Song)
Miriam:  Thank you for that!  I want to thank you for agreeing to be interviewed and for sharing your wedding preparation adventures for other brides who may “stop by” here.

Happy in Love

Happy in Love

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This is the season for BRIDAL SHOWS.  Which one is best?  Which show will give you the most bang for your buck?  There are pros & cons to each one.  If ………………………you want

Best Bridal Show to attend!

Best Bridal Show to attend!

to worry about parking, trudge many blocks to an event, walk additional miles throughout the bridal show,  get lost through the many aisle ways of dozens of photographers, flower shops, DJ’s, and other wedding vendors, then go to the big shows in the huge venues.  Otherwise, get wise and SIGN UP SOON for the 2016 Bride’s Seminar on Sunday, February 28, 2016!  Parking will be easy, the event, intimate.  You will be “wined and dined” because for a nominal fee, you will enjoy lunch at J. Liu’s in Worthington, meet some of Columbus’ finest vendors, pick up valuable tips and advice from each one, enjoy a Bridal Show close up!

Each bride will take home a Swag Bag.  There will be door prizes galore with better winning odds than the lottery by gazillions!

Click on the poster above!  Hurry, deadline’s coming up ! !  See you there ! ! !

Miriam Weber Brown, Harpist