Brides!  Listen!  What music will be playing as you walk down the aisle?  Of all the ceremony music, this is the most important music decision you will make.  In the paragraphs below, I will give you some helpful ideas for how to choose a processional!

Imagine…  It’s the Day of the Wedding.  The Officiator, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer have all processed in and are now up front.  Everyone is excited, smiling, and a bit nervous, including the Mothers, Dads, and close family.  Your invited friends and all your guests are present to help celebrate this special day.  Now everyone waits for the entrance of the Bride.  The Groom waits with bated breath for the first glimpse his carefully chosen life partner and beautiful bride!   The door opens; the guests rise as the Bride enters.  The music heralds the Brides and accompanies her walk to the front of the ceremony.  What will YOUR music sound like and how will YOU choose your processional?

As you excitedly OR with trepidation, plan your wedding ceremony music, you literally have 100’s upon 100’s of selections from which to choose!  And not only selections but STYLES of music to sort out.  It can be mind boggling.  Will it be Classical?  Pop?  Country?  A song special just to the two of you?  This will be the music playing as you walk down the aisle!

How in the world can anyone choose one perfect selection?  First, the music should reflect who you are.  Are you an upbeat, unafraid, self assured, outgoing sort of girl?  Are you introspective, thoughtful, and quiet?  Give thought to the type of person you are.  This can help narrow down what music you might consider.  One bride might like walking in to a rather loud, majestic, formal tune, while another bride might prefer a more subdued music selection.  Another important consideration is thinking through the music of the total evening; ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, as to what types of music you want played at each part of the celebration.

If you and your fiancé are choosing a traditional theme for your wedding, you might like the typical, traditional Bridal March by Wagner.  But if you love the elegance of classical music, you can’t go wrong with the Baroque style music of Handel.  Much of Handel’s music was written for royalty entering an important occasion.  His music will add an awesome sound to your ceremony.  The music of Jeremiah Clarke and Henry Purcell are also great picks.

Will your wedding theme be more casual and contemporary?  You might choose a popular piece that is special to you as a couple.  I’m playing a country pop for the Bride’s processional in an upcoming wedding:  In Case You Didn’t Know.  Interestingly and a very contrasting music idea:  the Wedding party is walking in to the beautiful Canon in D.  The processional music is really a 2-part decision:  music for the wedding party and then music for the all important entrance of the bride.

Well … it all comes down to what you like.  What fits your musical interest?  What blends with your personality?  What music will you feel most comfortable with?

My next blog will uncover the Processionals chosen by my brides in the past year.  How many chose classical Processionals?  How many chose popular?  Stay tuned!  Come back and visit!

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