009Do you have stepchildren to include in your wedding?  Are you looking for a special touch only little ones can add to your wedding ceremony?  Many brides don’t want to encourage or invite children to their wedding.  But what if you have stepchildren or small children in your family or your fiancé’s family?  You might feel obligated… OR you might be excited to have them be a part of your wedding.  That is, if you can find a place for them in the ceremony!  I have 3 tried and true ideas I have witnessed at weddings in which I’ve played my harp.  These children and how they were included, added freshness to the ceremony and put a smile on the faces of the guests!
1.  Include a group of small children in the Processional, and have them walk in single file, staying together by  holding on to a long garland of greenery and flowers.  So sweet!
2.  Make a sign that announces “Here Comes the Bride”, to be held by two or more children who will make their way down the aisle just before, of course, the bride!
3.  Just before the Recessional, line up the children (the more the better) and quickly give them bottles of bubbles to blow over the bride & groom as they make their exit!  This works especially well for a outdoor wedding.

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Kelsey & Marc

Kelsey & Marc


Meet a couple who were married at the famous Darby House just west of Columbus, OH.  Bride Kelsey dreamed of a Cinderella themed wedding.  She liked the romantic style of the chandeliers at the Darby House, so chose to have the wedding there.  She shopped for a Cinderella style bridal gown as well as little Princess dresses for the two flower girls.  She walked down the aisle to none other than Beauty and the Beast.  Flowers in gigantic vases lined the aisle and scented the entire ceremony area.  She and Marc have a great legacy.  Both sets of parents have long standing marriages of over 30 years.  Helping to “make” the day special was Bill Glazer, Officiant, Music Express/ New Image Studios, Cameron Mitchell Catering, “Florist on Springtree Lane”, and Miriam Weber Brown, Harpist.

… and from Kelsey’s mother, an after note:

Hi Miriam,

Thank you so much for providing the beautiful music for Kelsey and Marc,  so many people commented on it and would love to have recordings of your music.  Something you should think about!!!

Warm regards,
Tammy Heading

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Brides, will you have a tangible keepsake on your 5 year anniversary?  One you can look at, even touch and see the colors and date of that special day?  Napkins at the reception can be generic, but take a look at this wedding keepsake:  Beautifully embossed gold letters on a navy napkin spelling out: BEST DAY EVER – Sherilyn & William – September 6, 2014.  Napkins so nice that you don’t want to use them!  This makes a memory and can be kept as a special wedding keepsake in your002 wedding book.  This outdoor wedding at the Darby House was breathtaking, with natural settings of trees, plants, and lake. Bouquets of bright yellow mums carried by the 5 maids just POPPED out next to their deep navy dresses. And the 4 little flower girls… precious! The cocktail hour followed, with popular tunes on harp, and ended with Take Me Home Country Roads (some WV scholars in the wedding party here!) and the OSU fight song.   To see a wedding photo go to my business page – www.facebook.com/ColumbusHarpist


Purple and yellow tulips surround the beautiful Spring setting for the morning wedding of Anne & Jayson in the Franklin Park Conservatory Gardens. The meaningful pouring of sands was part of this 11 AM ceremony.  A very appropriate music request by the bride featured “Morning” by Grieg. This selection was played on the harp during the prelude time as guests arrived. http://www.fpconservatory.org/FPCEvents/Weddings

Alexandria and Lance, Columbus bride & groom, wrote their own wedding vows.  They took turns speaking the vows to each other at their April 19 ceremony. The vows were very personal and an absolute “tear-jerker”! Another special touch, Pastor Judith (grandmother of bride) officiated. Beautiful couple, awesome bridal gown, gorgeous burgundy maids’ dresses,  rose petals strewn along the pathway made for a memorable day in the Palm room of Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio.  Flutist Valorie & I,  provided formal  classical music for arrival of guests and through the ceremony.

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Wedding traditions in your ceremony add richness and meaning!   My harp music for this end of  March wedding was a mix of classical and Hebrew folk songs.  Erev Shel Shoshaneem (Evening of Roses) is an Israeli love song describing two lovers walking in an orchard immersed in the sent of roses, myrrh, and frankincense.  It creates a beautiful ambience when played on the harp.  Sharon and Tyler were married at Tifereth Israel under the chuppah or wedding canopy. The Jewish ceremony is rich with tradition such as the bride circling the groom 7 times, after the vows a prayer shawl is placed around the couple, and at the end, a glass is broken, and all the guests say the congratulatory wish of “Mazel Tov”!


Congratulations to Jodi and John, married on that romantic day of Feb. 14 !!

Harp music was the couple’s choice for the ceremony and cocktail hour.

Guests enjoy the evening at the Grand Oaks Event Center, hosted by Randy & Peggy Mosher. 


Congratulations to Jodi & John, married on Valentine’s Day at Grand Oaks !!

Choose a wedding date you both can remember !  Some of the best wedding dates for this year… April 4, 2014 which translates to 4/4/14   or April 14, 2014 which is 14/4/14   … except oops, that’s on a Monday!  One more good one is Dec. 13, 2014 which is 12/13/14.

Suellen and Matt were married in 2007.  I played for their beautiful wedding.  Today look what’s keeping them busy!   Check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Susan-Miller-Photography/227616353932244

Nov. 18, 2013 photo… adorable quadruplets!!!!

Congratulations Suellen and Matt!  We want to know if you get any sleep at night?

The Bride & Groom

Check out this couple being photographed before their wedding!  They are being married at a Palace in Munich.  I observed them in my  travel tour to Germany.  This Palace was built in 1660.  Two weddings were taking place on this particular sunny September day, among the beautiful flowers, majestic statues, and swans on the waters.  Gorgeous scene….