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I send a Bride’s Questionnaire to my brides for gathering detail that I need to give each one my best service.   The last question is …  What factor finally helped you in making your music decision?    Here are some comments from real brides/recent weddings:

“My fiancé loves the sound of a harp.  We feel it will give our cocktail hour a pleasant, stress-free & romantic vibe.”  — Chelsea   5/18

“Willing to learn a new song, price and enthusiasm” — Brittany   6/1

“Listening to music online/website information” — Jane   7/14

“A friend of ours told us about being at a wedding with a harpist and they said it was an amazing part of the wedding.  When we heard samples on your website, we knew it would be a perfect addition to our ceremony.” — Alissa  6/1






Brides!  I have a FREE  gift for you. Before you go searching for a musician to play music for your guests at your ceremony, request my “Eleven Questions You Should Ask  a Musician”.  These are the questions you don’t know to ask.   Just go to my contact page and request the Eleven Questions list!

Come to an exciting Bridal Seminar where you can eat a great lunch, learn wedding planning tips, see a fashion show, have a chance at prizes, a new hair style & makeup as well.  I will be there with my appetite and my harp!  All you saavy brides, come and join us!  Check out the flyer for details!

On Nov. 17, the newest downtown hotel, the Hilton, celebrated its opening night!  It was an exciting, vibrant place to be!  Local artists and musicians were showcased during the gala.   The events opened with a presentation by the Mayor, in the beautiful lobby, followed by harp music (lucky me), ballet dancers, ladies parading around in big, wild wigs & white dresses (see photo!), Eric, Opera Columbus baritone, singing opera selections, and acrobats way up high, swinging and flipping with ease.  It was very exciting to be a part of this evening!


You might think the music for the recessional is not as critical as the processional that begins it all.  Well… re-think!   Several of my couples are selecting “surprise” picks for their recessional.   They may like classical music for guest arrival and through the ceremony, but for their exit, instead of the traditional Wedding March, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, or Handel’s Water Music, they are choosing a contemporary song!  Some popular selections are I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Here Comes the Sun, I Want to Hold Your Hand or All You Need is Love by the Beatles.  The typical recessional has been changed up and your wedding guests will be WOWED!

After months of planning my parents’ 50th anniversary party, of agonizing
decisions over silly things like seating charts and what sort of chilled soup toI w
serve (white peach), my father dropped a last minute surprise into the mix: “I
want a harp.” Lucky for him and all our guests, I found Miriam Weber Brown, who
graciously agreed to the last-minute gig, and proceeded to knock us out.
Ms. Weber Brown, who can be found at,
made our night. Her repertoire is extensive, and many of her selections are
sampled on her website, so potential clients can get a preview of her talent. In
addition, she was more than happy to add several favorite tunes to her extensive
collection, so that my parents could have everything they wanted. Her range
includes classical, show tunes, pop, rock, jazz, big band, and so much more, and
her magical fingers make each song sound as if the original artists composed it
for her harp.
The harp itself is gold, and drew a stream of party guests to her corner of
the room, where she happily answered questions as she played. I had explained in
advance that her role would be to provide background music during the entire
event, and she was so easy to work with on this. Miriam is charming and
graceful, and she is not a diva. Even before she played for us, she was quick to
respond to my constant stream of messages.
Miriam has performed at public and private events throughout the Columbus
area, to rave reviews from brides, restaurateurs, and more. In addition to
playing as a soloist, she also works closely with a flutist to offer an
additional option.
Her rates are competitive and when a restaurant glitch added an extra hour
to our event, she discreetly came to me and offered to play on…a most welcome
encore for only a small additional fee, and worth every penny. I can’t imagine
how her fingers felt after four hours of playing with only two short breaks, but
the smile never left her face.
To answer the obvious, she is wildly talented, and over a month later, our
guests are still raving about what she added to our evening. Miriam loves what
she’s doing and that joy flows out in her music.  Brava!

Pamela Brown

When I schedule a music meeting with a bride, I look forward to that time on the phone.  My 46 harp strings are tuned, the music collection is nearby, my wedding form and pencil is ready, my phone handy… and then I call the bride!  Every girl has a different personality, but each is wildly excited about her wedding plans, and of course, so much in love!   I enjoy learning about all the wedding details, music likes and dislikes.  Some have ideas ahead of time, others have no idea about the music they want played on that very important day.  Some want all classical, others like the recognizable pop music for their guests.  Either way, I enjoy giving insights and helping with the music decisions.  I play samples of music live on the harp and the bride chooses one or says “Play some more, I’m not sure yet”…  when the music touches her heart, she knows the right choice!  At the end of our meeting, many brides will exclaim “I am so excited about my music!”   Helping a bride plan a small part of her wedding makes my work fun and meaningful.

Excited brides and their guests came to
the Bridal Seminar at the Heritage Golf
Club,  the brain-child of wedding planner,
Nora McCoy.  The afternoon began with a
yummy lunch, then talks from each of the
varied vendors who shared great wedding
tips and a bridal show!  After sharing my “choosing a musician” tips, I played 3 samples of music a bride might choose for her walk down the aisle:  Trumpet Voluntary, Canon in D, and the traditional Bridal March.   I gathered all the notes into a basket, and the winning selection was,
Drum Roll Please …………………………………………………..  the ever popular Canon in D ! ! !

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