009Do you have stepchildren to include in your wedding?  Are you looking for a special touch only little ones can add to your wedding ceremony?  Many brides don’t want to encourage or invite children to their wedding.  But what if you have stepchildren or small children in your family or your fiancé’s family?  You might feel obligated… OR you might be excited to have them be a part of your wedding.  That is, if you can find a place for them in the ceremony!  I have 3 tried and true ideas I have witnessed at weddings in which I’ve played my harp.  These children and how they were included, added freshness to the ceremony and put a smile on the faces of the guests!
1.  Include a group of small children in the Processional, and have them walk in single file, staying together by  holding on to a long garland of greenery and flowers.  So sweet!
2.  Make a sign that announces “Here Comes the Bride”, to be held by two or more children who will make their way down the aisle just before, of course, the bride!
3.  Just before the Recessional, line up the children (the more the better) and quickly give them bottles of bubbles to blow over the bride & groom as they make their exit!  This works especially well for a outdoor wedding.

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