This is the season for BRIDAL SHOWS.  Which one is best?  Which show will give you the most bang for your buck?  There are pros & cons to each one.  If ………………………you want

Best Bridal Show to attend!

Best Bridal Show to attend!

to worry about parking, trudge many blocks to an event, walk additional miles throughout the bridal show,  get lost through the many aisle ways of dozens of photographers, flower shops, DJ’s, and other wedding vendors, then go to the big shows in the huge venues.  Otherwise, get wise and SIGN UP SOON for the 2016 Bride’s Seminar on Sunday, February 28, 2016!  Parking will be easy, the event, intimate.  You will be “wined and dined” because for a nominal fee, you will enjoy lunch at J. Liu’s in Worthington, meet some of Columbus’ finest vendors, pick up valuable tips and advice from each one, enjoy a Bridal Show close up!

Each bride will take home a Swag Bag.  There will be door prizes galore with better winning odds than the lottery by gazillions!

Click on the poster above!  Hurry, deadline’s coming up ! !  See you there ! ! !

Miriam Weber Brown, Harpist