howinviting1Miriam:  Hi Cassie!  I am interviewing businesses adding a special touch to Columbus weddings!  Your business, “How Inviting” represents the Best Columbus invitations!  Share with us how you help your clients?
Cassie: Yes, Miriam! I help my clients add a personal and special touch to their wedding.  I help them to create wedding invitations and stationery that fit the theme and style of their special day.

Miriam:  I have seen your work at Bridal Shows!  I just love your attention to detail and beautiful, artistic work!  How and when did you get into this line of work?
Cassie: I have always loved to be artistic and creative. I guess the idea first came to me when I was planning my own wedding over 10 years ago.  Back then, it never dawned on me to make the invitations for our wedding.  After I received our invitation order I remember thinking, “Well, these are really nice, but I could have probably made them myself!”  So, with the encouragement of my husband I began researching trends and making some samples.  I started by creating invitations and stationery for close friends and co-workers while still working fulltime.  I received many compliments and positive feedback on my designs.  When I gave birth to our daughter in 2008 we decided that I would stay home and make designing and creating invitations my full-time job.  I incorporated in November of 2008 and named the business How Inviting!

Miriam:  How creative!  I love that name!  What is one of the most important things about style?
Cassie: Besides giving guests all of the pertinent information about the event or events, couples will want to be sure that their invitations set the tone for their wedding.  Invitations should cue guests to the level or formality that they can expect.  Invitations for a traditional black tie or semi-formal wedding would look very different from a backyard wedding followed by a family BBQ.

Miriam:  Would a year ahead of the wedding date be a good time to think about invitations?
Cassie: I typically meet with couples anywhere from a year to a few months before the wedding.  Wedding invitations will need to be sent out approximately two months prior to the wedding.  It is typically best to meet with your stationer no later than 4-6 months before the wedding.  This gives adequate time to finalize details, create samples, order supplies and account for any changes or issues. Once a couple has secured a venue and a ceremony start time, I encourage them to start thinking about invitations.

Miriam:  Can an invitation represent a couple?
Cassie: Absolutely- and they definitely should!  I can incorporate many touches into the invitation that represents the couple.  Popular choices are a monogram or graphic used to “brand” the wedding.  This can be used throughout the invitation and coordinating stationery.

Miriam:  Do you help them custom design an invitation or do they let you have full reign?! Cassie: Both! If a couple comes to me with an idea or examples I can work with them to bring their ideas to life.  On the flip side, if they have no idea what they are looking for, I show samples and then we customize to create a look unique to the couple and their special event.  Either way, I work with the couple every step of the way.  I ensure that their ideas are being incorporated and the invitations fully represent the couple and their wedding. 

Miriam: How many invitations should I have made?
Cassie: As a rule, you should order one invitation per household or couple.  The exception to this rule is for a household that includes adult or near adult children who you may choose to allow to bring a date.  Individual adult roommates living in one household should also receive their own invitation.  

Miriam: What if a couple chooses not to invite children?
Cassie: This can be a bit of a touchy topic, but there are a few subtle ways to approach this.  A couple can indicate on the invitation stationery that they prefer children not attend the wedding and/or reception.  On the invitation itself we can use wording such as “Adult Reception to follow.”  Likewise on the RSVP we can include verbiage such as “Number of Adults Attending” or “We have reserved ___ seats in your honor” to convey the message.  The inner envelope is also a good place for the couple to specify exactly who the invitation is intended for. 

Miriam: Can I choose from a variety of colors to match my wedding colors?
Cassie: As I mentioned previously, the invitations should definitely fit the theme and style of the wedding and that includes colors!  If you are using specific colors for your wedding décor, flowers and dresses a popular choice is to also include those colors (or at least a few of them) in the invitation suite.  If you have color ideas, it is a good idea to bring color swatches or photos to your invitation consultation so that your stationery can match as closely as possible to your colors. 

Miriam:  How can brides looking for the best Columbus invitations get in touch with you for your beautiful  invitations and expert help?
Cassie: I can be reached by
Phone: (614) 664-7880
“Contact” tab on my website: