Saving money for your wedding this year?  Don’t spend more than you can afford!  Wedding expenses can eat you out of house and home … Even before you get started!
Try to imagine after the wedding, what items/happenings you could have done without, and what you wish you had purchased.  Pictures are a precious things to have for the memories and reviewing that special day, what happened, who was there, what everyone wore, the handsome guys, the so special maids, the beautiful bride, etc….   Can you get along without the video?  Maybe not!  How about having no flowers (!) or just a cake & punch?  Everyone places a different importance to each one of these parts of the wedding.  The more you think it through, the more in a tizzy you will be!

So, just sit back, relax, have a cool lemonade if it’s warm or a hot chocolate if it’s cold, and take a look at an article that will give you some perspective on this important topic of wedding expenses!  Ric Edelman is an award-winning advisor with three decades of experience, a humorous delivery, and great goals & strategies for you.

Check out 7 ways you can reduce the cost and still enjoy a wonderful wedding at Ric Edelman’s link:

Tips to Reduce Wedding Costs#.UdztQozD8eE

Ric Edelman

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