Wedding Planning Tips From a Columbus Bride


Would you like helpful wedding planning tips from a local Columbus bride?  An interview with a real bride is about to take place.   Listen up and gather some helpful wedding planning tips for your own wedding!

Miriam:  Hello Sunea!
Bride:  Hello Miriam!
Miriam:  I had the pleasure of playing my harp music for you and Seth.  I played for the ceremony as well as the cocktail hour.  Your wedding was on a sunny day in May at Dock 580.  Your colors were a fresh mint green and coral.  So now, how long have you been married?
Bride:  We’ve been married about 4 months
Miriam:  Are you happy with how the wedding planning went?
Bride:  Yes!  We started planning & researching 1 ½ years ahead.
Miriam:   You really plan ahead!  What would you do differently if you had to start over? Bride:  NOTHING!  We were pleased with how everything went.
Miriam:  Did you write up a budget?
Bride:  Yes.  We wrote one up together.  We figured in the venue and caterer to take up the largest chunk of the budget.  Then we added in the other necessities, giving & taking here and there money-wise.  We also figured in moneys from our families helping out. Miriam:  How did you go about choosing all of your wedding help?
Bride:  I did a lot of research on line.  I went to wedding websites such as The Knot and looked at reviews.  Money was not the most important issue, although we looked for cost-effective businesses and tried to stay within our budget.
Miriam:  What did you look for in a venue?
Bride:  We looked for a lot of natural décor… one where little added decoration was needed to spruce up the place.  We liked the parking accommodations at Dock 580.  The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff was important to us.
Miriam:  How did you choose your DJ?  There are so many out there!
Bride:  She was our best friend from High School!  So, I knew what I was getting. Miriam:  Choosing a cake person has to be one of the more fun things to do.
Bride:  Yes!  We read good reviews on Linda Cole.  I asked 2 friends at work to recommend someone.  Both, independent of each other recommended Linda.  Her prices are not outrageous.  Her cakes were delicious and artistic.  She made the “top of the cake” separate, to be eaten on our first anniversary.
Miriam:  Can you share wedding planning tips about your flowers?
Bride:  I didn’t purchase or need a lot.  I chose Petals & Leaves close to me in Grandview.  They followed my colors & theme closely.
Miriam:  One of the most exciting things to shop for has to be a wedding dress!  Tell us about your experience.
Bride:  It was exciting!  I went to Elegant Bride in Dublin.  I picked out 5 dresses to try on.  When I got to the 2nd one, that was it and I never tried on the rest!
Miriam:  Did you bring anyone along on your dress shopping trip? Bride:  I brought my mom, sister, and Maid of Honor.
Miriam:  How did you decide on your ceremony music?
Bride:  We knew we wanted instrumental music of some sort.  Again, we went on line, read lots of reviews and found your harp music to have high marks.  Then we visited your website.  We have heard many remarks on how well your music added to the evening.  We are still getting compliments!  People absolutely loved hearing the harp playing pop music at the cocktail hour.  The sound carried well.  (Stairway to Heaven, Beatles, Kiss from a Rose, I’m So Excited, Your Song)
Miriam:  Thank you for that!  I want to thank you for agreeing to be interviewed and for sharing your wedding preparation adventures for other brides who may “stop by” here.

Happy in Love

Happy in Love

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