Your wedding is the most romantic day of your life. So naturally, the music providing
the background for it should be the most romantic too. No other musical instrument is more romantic than the harp … especially harp music played by the skilled hands of musician Miriam Weber Brown.

Let Miriam’s beautiful music come into play throughout your special day …

  • During the Prelude.  Upon hearing the soft sounds of the harp, arriving guests will sense the romance in the air and be overcome with joy and expectation.
  • During the Processional.  The grand entrance is made even grander accompanied by the harp. As the bride and her attendants enter to such musical selections as Canon in D, A Time for Us and of course, The Bride’s March, many a goose bump is sure to be felt.
  • During the Ceremony.  Miriam can underscore any symbolic moment – such as the lighting of the Unity Candle or the singing of a special song – with a serene instrumental interlude or appropriate accompaniment.
  • During the Recessional.  The wonderful moment has finally arrived, with the bride and groom officially a married couple. Conclude this magical time – and exit in lyrical style – with triumphant harp music played by Miriam.
  • During the Reception.  Extend the musical elegance well beyond the ceremony with the delightful sounds of the harp played during the cocktail hour and dinner.

Choose from a variety of affordable packages:

  • Gold Crown and Silver – harp-flute duo played during the ceremony
  • Gold Crown Plus – solo harp played during the ceremony and cocktail hour
  • Gold Crown – solo harp played during the ceremony only

Lambert PhotosChoose the solo or ensemble that best fits your needs:

  • Pedal Harp
  • Celtic Harp
  • Harp with Flute
  • Harp with Vocals
  • Harp with Organ
  • Harp with Choir/Ensemble/Orchestra
  • Other Combinations as Needed

If the venue requires it, Miriam’s music can be backed by high-quality amplification – reassuring you that her stunning music will be heard by all.

Enjoy a few samples from Miriam’s vast wedding collection:

[audio:,,,,,,|titles=Ave Maria by Miriam Weber Brown,Canon In D by Miriam Weber Brown,Chanson Flute and Harp by Miriam Weber Brown,Bridal March by Miriam Weber Brown,Wedding March by Miriam Weber Brown,Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Miriam Weber Brown,From This Moment by Miriam Weber Brown]

Keep in mind, there are plenty more musical selections to choose from … selections that will make your wedding as special as it should be. Contact Miriam today to learn more.

All wedding themes welcomed
Already planning a specific theme for your wedding? Miriam is happy to tailor her music to accompany it perfectly – ensuring your ceremony is as unique and distinct as you envision.

Need help choosing wedding themes and music? Click here for just a few ideas.